Ancestors and Cousins of

Nellie and Lucas

This page is the starting point for a web site that covers the ancestors of Nellie and Lucas on both sides, stretching back in some cases 30 or more generations.

It also links to other sites that list the descendants of Nellie and Lucas's great-great-great-great grandparents; these are the cousin pages. There should eventually be 32 of these descendant sites. (The ones that are up now are listed below.) They are integrated into the ancestor pages, but each set has its own set of indexes.  See also the documented links to their Native American/First Nations ancestry.

Links to Nelli and Lucas's Cousins Pages

This site is also linked to pages on the descendants of Nelli and Lucas's great-great-great-great grandparents on both sides (which include cousins from fifth cousins down to first cousins). Here are links to those sites, many of which include their own indexes. (Each of the "descendants" home pages has a link back to this page).

On Nellie and Lucas's dad's side:

BulletDescendants of Prospère GAGNON and Marie Anne OUELLETTE
BulletDescendants of Antoine TARDIF and Suzanne CAYOUETTE
BulletDescendants of Hilarion DAIGLE and Madeleine AYOTTE
BulletDescendants of Antoine DIONNE and Salomée MIVILLE-DESCHÊNES
BulletDescendants of Hilaire CYR and Judith LIZOTTE
BulletDescendants of Théodule ANCTIL-ST.JEAN and Sophie Rose MARQUIS
BulletDescendants of Amable OUELLETTE and Esther GARDNER
BulletDescendants of Edouard JALBERT and Luce VAILLANCOURT
BulletDescendants of Sam RUSSELL and Ellen BALDWIN

On their mom's side

BulletDescendants of Ignacy KLEDZIK and Franciszka KULIKOWSKAJA
BulletDescendants of James Orlando McCONAUGHY and Amelia Ann GARDHOUSE (g-g-g grandparents: McConaughy Family Pages)
BulletDescendants of Robert GARDHOUSE and Ann HOLMES (Gardhouse Family Pages)
BulletDescendants of Samuel HUMBERSTONE and his wife Mary (g-g-g-g-g grandparents)

Native American/First Nations ancestry:

Here are some Mi'kmaq ancestors that I've identified so far (one on my dad's side, one on my mom's side, and one that both sides are descended from). The Mi'kmaq are the aboriginal people of the area now called Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (until 1755, a French colony called Acadia):


More to come... 

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