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These are resources, both online and off, that I've found very useful. They are concentrated in the areas of my research: the Upper St.John River Valley in Maine and New Brunswick, Quebec, Acadia, the Canadian Maritime provinces, as well as Poland, South Carolina, and...

Upper St.John River Valley (resources covering both sides)
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The Upper St.John River Valley
(resources that cover both sides of the St.John River)

Online Links:


Maine (especially Aroostook County)

Online links:


New Brunswick

Books, articles, etc.


Families: Genealogies and family sites of families in the Upper St.John River Valley


First Nations / Native Peoples (Micmac and Maliseet/Wulustukieg)

Online links:


Québec Genealogy (includes sites on New France and roots in France)

Acadia (now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island)

Canada (general) genealogy

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island



AND other stuff of interest

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