Hilaire Cyr & Judith Lizotte

70. Hilaire CYR was born on 24 Jan 1805 and was baptized the same day at St-Basile, New Brunswick. He died in 1877. 

He was married to Judith LIZOTTE on 20 Nov 1827 in St-Basile, New Brunswick.(30)

71. Judith LIZOTTE was born on 15 May 1805, and died in 1889.

Hilaire CYR appeared in the 1831 survey of the Madawaska Settlements taken by Deane and Kavanagh, living on the north bank of the St.John River across from near the current border of Frenchville and Fort Kent, where he owned land fronting on the river 60 rods wide (about 330 yards), had a house and a barn, and 15 acres of land cleared.

He appeared in the 1830 US census of the Madawaska Settlement, as Delay Cere.

He appeared in the 1833 New Brunswick census of the Madawaska Settlement, as Elier Crock, living on ungranted land on the north bank of the St.John with his wife, one son and three daughters; he owned one horse, two oxen, two cows, two young cattle, 14 sheep and seven pigs.

He appeared in the 1840 US census in Madawaska North of the St.John River, as Eli Cyr, heading a household containing 2 males under the age of 5, one male aged 10-14, one male aged 30-39, one female under the age of 5, three females aged 5-9, one female aged 10-14, one female aged 15-19, and one female aged 30-39.

Hilaire CYR and Judith LIZOTTE appeared in the 1851 New Brunswick census. Hilaire is aged 46, farmer, born in New Brunswick, living in the parish of Madawaska with his wife Judique and children Hilaire (20), Stasile (20), Thalie (18), Lizette (16), Caliste (15), Damas (13), Vital (11), Modeste (9), Filomene (7), Edite (5), and Honoré (7 months)(page 15).

They appeared in the 1861 New Brunswick census He was listed as Hilaire Cyr, age 56, farmer, living in household with his wife Judique and son Hilaire (32), daughter-in-law Mary (27), children Vital (20), Philomene (17), Edite (15), Henry (10), Sophie (9) and grandchildren Denis (6), Maxime (4), Modest (3), and Fleuvie (7 months), living in Madawaska parish (p.4).

Children were:

child    i. Ozithée CYR was born about 1828. She was married to Jean-Baptiste OUELLETTE (son of Jean-Baptiste OUELLETTE and Marie-Anne BÉRUBÉ) on 7 Feb 1848 at Ste-Luce church (Ste-Luce, p.66). They appeared in the 1850 US census in Hancock Plantation (p.130b, lines 39-40). They appeared in the 1860 US census, in Township 18, Range 6 (now the eastern part of Fort Kent), on p.502, with children Nathalie, Anastasie, Henri, Edith, Joseph, and Flavie.
child   ii. Hilaire CYR was born about 1829. He was married to Malvina HÉBERT (daughter of Simon HÉBERT and Christie THÉRIAULT) on 14 Nov 1854 at St-Basile church.
child35 iii. Anastasie CYR.
child    iv. Nathalie CYR.
child    v. Louise CYR was born abou 1835. She was married to Israel OUELLETTE (son of Jean-Baptiste OUELLETTE and Marie-Anne BÉRUBÉ) on 17 Jan 1854 at Ste-Luce church (Ste-Luce, p.66).
child   vi. Clarisse CYR was born about 1836. She was married to Omer DAIGLE (son of Augustin DAIGLE and Marie-Luce CYR) on 10 Nov 1857 at Ste-Luce church (Ste-Luce, p.24).
child   vii. Damase CYR was born about 1838. He was married to Philomène DAIGLE (daughter of Dominique DAIGLE and Louise GAGNÉ) on 13 Nov 1860 at Ste-Luce church (Ste-Luce, p.21).
child viii. Vital CYR was born about 1841. He was married to Euphémie MARTIN (daughter of Vital MARTIN and Julie THÉRIAULT) on 8 Apr 1866 at St-Basile church (Poitras, p.503).
child   ix. Modeste CYR was born about 1842.
child    x. Philomène CYR was born about 1844. She was married to Romain MICHAUD (son of Jean-Baptiste MICHAUD and Emérance MICHAUD) on 5 Apr 1864 at Ste-Luce church (Ste-Luce, p.22).
child   xi. Édite CYR was born about 1846.
child  xii. Honoré CYR was born about 1851. He as married to Virginie GUY (daughter of Édouard GUY and Julie CYR) on16 Sep 1872 at Ste-Luce church (Ste-Luce, p.22).
child xiii. Sophie CYR was born about 1852.

Hilaire CYR died on 14 Sep 1877, and was buried at St. Hilaire on 16 Sep; Judith LIZOTTE died on 14 Mar 1889 and was buried at St. Hilaire on 16 Mar. [source: Parish records, St. Hilaire parish; Thanks to Ken Roy for this information]

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