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These pages trace the ancestors and descendants of two related Gardhouse families who came from Cumberland, England to Upper Canada (now Ontario, Canada) in the 1820s and 1830s: Robert Gardhouse (son of Robert Gardhouse and Jane Maudlin of Chapel Burn, Nether Denton, Cumberland), and his cousins Robert and John Gardhouse (sons of John Gardhouse and Jane Railton), who lived at Desoglin, Kingwater, Cumberland.  Both places are in the parish of Lanercost.

Robert married Ann Holmes at Lanercost on 2 Jan 1813. John married Elizabeth Martin at Lanercost on 30 April 1820, and his brother Robert married Elizabeth's sister Mary at Lanercost on 14 May 1823.

Update: I had previously believed that John, husband of Elizabeth Martin, was the son of Robert Gardhouse and Jane Maudlin. Joanne Crawley, a descendant of John, has provided information that shows that this John was in fact the son of John Gardhouse and Jane Railton. Robert and Jane Maudlin's son John remained in England. I have updated the relevant pages on these families. Apologies for the earlier confusion, and thanks to Joanne for setting the record straight. Update 8 Mar 2011: I have added data on the latter John, son of Robert and Jane Maudlin, that I have just received from their descendant Stan Brickell of Perth Australia.

Many of the baptisms, marriages and burials listed here took place at the Church of St. Mary Magdelene, which is located in the ancient Lanercost Priory.  Here's a link that provides a photo of the Lanercost Priory as well as its history.

Here's a link to a map of the part of Cumberland where most of these ancestors of the Gardhouses lived.  It covers the township of Burtholme and parts of Walton, Kingwater, Waterhead and Nether Denton.  It also covers much of the parish of Lanercost.  The ancient Hadrian's Wall, or Picts Wall, built by the Roman emperor Hadrian 1900 years ago to protect Roman Britain from the wild tribes to the north, runs right through this area, and was thus an intimate part of the daily lives of the Gardhouse ancestors.

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