Joseph Jalbert and Ellen (Helen) Russell

(46.) 10. Joseph JALBERT was born on 14 Dec 1847, and was baptized at Ste Luce church on 16 Jan 1848. (28) His godparents were Germain Guimond and Artémise Tardif. Below is an image of his baptismal record from the Ste Luce parish register (1848, p.107):

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(From Ste.Luce parish register)

Le 16 janvier 1848, nous prêtre soussigné, avons baptisé Joseph, né le quatorze décembre dernier du légitime mariage d'Edouard Jalbert et de Marie Luce Vaillancourt de St. François. Parrain Germain Guimond, marrain Artémise Tardif qui n'ont su signer. H. Dionne, ptre.
English translation:
On 16 January 1848, we the undersigned priest baptized Joseph, born the 14th of last December to the legimate marriage of Edouard Jalbert and of Marie Luce Vaillancourt of St. François. Godfather Germain Guimond, Godmother Artémise Tardif, who could not sign their names. H. Dionne, priest.

He appeared on the 1850 US census in Hancock Plantation, as Joseph LBaire, 3 years old, living in household of Edward and Lucy. He appeared on the 1860 US census in Township 17, Range 8, Aroostook, Maine, as Joseph Gilbert, 12 years old, living in his parents' household (Edward and Lucy Gilbert).(29)

Record of marriage of Joseph Jalbert
and Helen Russell, and of baptism of
their son William.
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(From St. Fran├žois parish register)

Helen (Ellen) Russell, date unknown (probably about 1870)|
Thanks to John Holmes, his mom and aunt, for this photo,
which was found in the Connors Museum.

Joseph Jalbert and Helen Russell;
date unknown

Joseph JALBERT was married to Helen (Ellen) RUSSELL (daughter of Samuel RUSSELL and Ellen BALDWIN) on 26 Jun 1871 in St-François, New Brunswick.(32) Witnesses were François Jalbert (brother of the groom) and Aristobule Bérubé (listed in the 1871 census as a servant in the household of Father André Roy, the priest who married the couple).

Apparently the couple had been living as common law man and wife prior to the wedding, since their son William, baptized the day after their wedding, had been born almost two months earlier. It is thus likely that they had been together at least since the middle of 1870; indeed, neither Joseph nor Ellen were living with either of their parents at the time of the 1870 US census.

(47.) Helen (Ellen) RUSSELL was born on 18 Jun 1853 in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.(34) She was baptized on 13 Aug 1854 in the Anglican Church at Grand Falls, New Brunswick. (35) She appeared in the 1860 US census in Township 17, Range 8 (St. John), Aroostook, Maine, as Ellen Russell, age 7, living in her father's household (Samuel Russell).(36)

Joseph and Helen (Ellen) appeared on the 1880 US census in Township 15, Range 11, Aroostook, Maine, as Joseph Gilbert, age 32, laborer, and Ellen Gilbert, age 27, born in New Brunswick, and children William (8), Lucy (6), and Samuel (4). (30)

Joseph JALBERT and Helen (Ellen) RUSSELL had the following children:

child+17 i. William JALBERT.
child+18 ii. Luci JALBERT.
child iii. Marie Suzanne JALBERT was born on 20 Dec 1874 in St. Francis, Maine. She was baptized on 1 Jan 1875 in St. Francis, New Brunswick.(136)
child19 iv. Samuel JALBERT was born about 1876 in Allagash (Township 15, Range 11), Maine.(39) He appeared on the 1880 US census in Township 15, Range 11, Aroostook, Maine, as Samuel Gilbert, age 4, living with parents Joseph and Ellen Russell.(40) He died between 1880 and 1889 in Allagash (Township 15, Range 11), Maine. Although listed in 1880 census, this is not the same Samuel who married Delia Gendreau (number xii. below), since that Samuel was born in 1889. The second Sam was probably named after the first one, who must have died between 1880 census and 1889.

Willard, Sam and Ned Jalbert
Click on image for enlarged view.
Willard, Sam and Ned Jalbert, about 1905.

From "Rendezvous on the Allagash,"
Yankee Magazine, November 1973, p.169.
child(23.) +20 v. Eleanor (Nellie) JALBERT.
child+21 vi. Elisabeth (Lizzy) JALBERT.
child+22 vii. François (Frank) JALBERT.
child viii. Joseph JALBERT was born on 4 Jul 1880 in Allagash, Maine. He was baptized on 18 Jul 1881 in St. Louis Church, Fort Kent, Maine. (136) He died at a young age, probably before the birth of the next son, who was also given the name Joseph, in May 1882.
child+23 ix. Joseph JALBERT Jr.
child+24 x. Jean Baptiste JALBERT.
child+25 xi. Willard JALBERT.
child+26 xii. Samuel (Sam) JALBERT.
child+27 xiii. Edward (Ned) JALBERT.


Helen (Ellen) RUSSELL died on 3 May 1892 in Allagash (Township 15, Range 11), Maine.(38)

Tombstone of Helen Russell and her father
Samuel. Click for enlarged view.

Her son Willard remembers the day she died:

"Yes, I remember the morning our mother died, she called us all into her bedroom and told us that she was going to leave us, and to look after one another, my sisters were all crying and we knew what she meant. Our mother was a great lady and we were all full of grief when Aunt Susan, mother's oldest sister, covered her face with the bed sheet. ...
"After the wake, my oldest brother William and my oldest sister's husband, Albert Dempsey, carried her down over the river bank and placed her body in an old dugout canoe and transported it to St. Charles Parish of St. Francis Maine, where she was buried."

She was buried in St. Charles Catholic cemetery, St. Francis, Maine. (Tombstone inscription, shared tombstone with her father Samuel; "Russell / Daughter / Helen Jalbert / 1853-1892".)

Joseph JALBERT died on 15 Jun 1895 in Fort Kent, Maine. He was buried in Fort Kent, Maine.(31) Burial was witnessed his brothers François and Jean-Baptiste Jalbert.


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