George St.John and Nellie Jalbert

(22.) 11. George ST.JOHN was born on 1 Dec 1866 on the upper St.John River past St. Francis. He was baptized on 7 Jan 1867 as "William George ST.JEAN." His godparents were William Pelletier and Henriette Pelletier. [source: Jean-Guy Poitras, Répertoire des naissances, Saint-François, Comté de Madawaska, Nouveau-Brunswick, 1859-2006, p.173] He appeared on the 1880 US census in Township 17, Range 11, Aroostook, Maine as age 12, living in his parents' household (Nazaire and Christa St.John).(22)

George ST.JOHN was married to Eleanor (Nellie) JALBERT (daughter of Joseph JALBERT and Ellen RUSSELL) on 9 Apr 1897 in St. Francis, Maine.

Eleonore (Nellie) Jalbert


Nellie Jalbert
Eleanore (Nellie) Jalbert


Gravestone of George St.John
and Nellie Jalbert St.John,
St Louis cemetery, Fort Kent.
(Note the date of George's birth
is off by 20 years.) Also listed
on the stone is Lawrence. Rose's
and Lucy's graves are in the
same plot. Click image for
enlarged view.

(23.) Eleanor (Nellie) JALBERT (25) was born on 1 Apr 1876 in Allagash (Township 15, Range 11), Maine. (Although her gravestone gives her birth date as 1 April 1878; social security gives her birth date as 1 April 1876; and 1900 census gives her birth date as April 1877.) She was baptized on 18 Apr 1876 in St. Louis Church, Fort Kent, Maine. (136)

George and Nellie appeared on the 1900 US census in Township 16, Range 12, Aroostook, Maine as George St.John, born in Dec 1867, farmer, did not know how to read or write, spoke English, had been married for three years, owned own home without mortgage, on a farm (farm schedule number 116), and Nellie St. John, born in April 1877, knew how to read and write and spoke English, living with daughter Elizabeth R. (23)

Their farm and home was located at the northwest corner of the Caribou Road headed out of Fort Kent, at the road that turns westward toward Soldier Pond.

George ST.JOHN died on 1 May 1914 in Fort Kent, Maine, at the age of   47. (24) Although at the time his death was attributed to having been kicked in the chest by a horse a year earlier, it is likely that he suffered a heart attack (His father Nyzaire died at the age of 42.)

Nellie JALBERT appeared on the 1920 US census in Fort Kent, Maine as Nellie St.John, head of household, widow, age 42, living on a farm that she fully owned with no mortgage, could read and write, living on the Caribou Road in Fort Kent Town with her children Albert, Mary, Nazaire, Joseph and Christine.(27)

In 1929, misestimating the price of the potato crop, Nellie lost her farm to creditors. She then moved into Fort Kent with her daughters Mary and Christy (Kitty). At the time of the 1930 US census (taken in April 1930) they were living at 115 Main Street in Fort Kent. Nellie is listed as head of household, renting her home from landlord Salem Coury. (Nellie was good friends with his wife, Madeleine.) She was paying $10 per month in rent. Nellie was listed as 54 years old, able to read and write, working as a cook in a restaurant. (1930 census, Aroostook Co., Fort Kent Village, Sheet 4B, (ED2-27, SD-1).

Nellie JALBERT died on 20 Jan 1967 in Fort Kent, Maine. She was buried on 27 Jan 1967 in St. Louis Church cemetery, Fort Kent, Maine, next to her husband George.

George ST.JOHN and Eleanor (Nellie) JALBERT had the following children:

child21 i. Rose ST.JOHN was born in Jun 1898 in Maine. (29) She appeared on the census in 1900 in Township 12, Range 16, Aroostook, Maine as Elizabeth R. St. John, born June 1898, living with parents George and Nellie.(30) She died at the age of 18, and is buried in the St.Louis church cemetery.
child22 ii. George ST.JOHN Jr. was born about 1899 in Fort Kent, Maine. He died before Jun 1900 in Fort Kent, Maine.
child+23 iii. George ST.JOHN II.
child24 iv. William ST.JOHN was born in Fort Kent, Maine. Died at an early age from illness.
child25 v. Lucy ST.JOHN was born in Fort Kent, Maine. She died at the age of 5 and is buried in the St.Louis church cemetery.
child+27 vi. Albert P. ST.JOHN.
child+28 vii. Mary E. ST.JOHN.
child+29 viii. Nyzaire (Bill) ST.JOHN.
child+30 ix. Joseph ST.JOHN.
child26 x. Lawrence ST.JOHN was born in Fort Kent, Maine on 22 Oct 1909. He died on 27 Jul 1912 -- he drowned in the trough animals drank from, at the age of two -- and is buried in St. Louis cemetery in Fort Kent.
child(11.) +31 xi. Christy Anne (Kitty) ST.JOHN.

George and Nellie St. John and family, probably about 1910 or so
From left: George Jr., Lucy, Rose, Mary, George Sr., Nellie, Joe, Bill, Albert.

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