Joseph Simon Daigle & Marguerite Guilbeault

272. Joseph Simon DAIGLE was born on 20 Nov 1738 in Mines, Acadia. (528)(529) He was married to Marguerite GUILBEAULT on 23 Nov 1762 in St-Francois de Montmagny, Quebec. (530)(531) (532) After escaping British troops in 1755 with parents and brother Jean-Baptiste, and finding refuge in Quebec, Joseph and his brother returned to Acadia and settled on the St. John river at Ste-Anne's, not far from today's Fredericton.  In a survey of the inhabitants of the St.John River valley undertaken by Maj. Guilford Studholm on behalf of the provincial government, Joseph appears with his wife and 4 children; they had been settled there for 14 years, that is, since 1769.  He was listed as express mail carrier. [ , number 14]

With the arrival of Loyalists after British withdrawal from American colonies, however, the brothers moved again. Joseph moved to Madawaska, and Jean-Baptiste to Nipisiguit.

273. Marguerite GUILBEAULT was born about 1739 in Port-Royal, Acadia. (533) Children were:

child136 i. Jean Baptiste DAIGLE.

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