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François-Marie GAGNON & Marie DUVAL

François-Marie Gagnon, his wife Marie Duval, and their children were the third Gagnon family to move to what is now Frenchville. They seem to have moved from Kamouraska to the Madawaska settlement, in particular the area that is now Frenchville, sometime around 1835. François-Marie was not directly related to my own Gagnon ancestors who settled in the same place; he was third cousin of my g-g-g- grandfather Prospère Gagnon, who had moved to the area in 1831 from Ste-Anne or Kamouraska. François-Marie was fifth cousin of Étienne Gagnon, the other Gagnon family in Frenchville, who moved there from Les Éboulements also in about 1831.

François-Marie Gagnon appears in the 1831 census of Lower Canada, in St.André, Kamouraska (p.261, line 11), living with his wife and one child under five. He occupied about 40 acres of land, but had only 3 under cultivation; that year he harvested 8 minots of wheat, 13 minots of peas, and 60 minots of potatoes. He had one cattle, one horse, 12 sheep and 2 pigs. He was paying 7 shillings and one penny in rent for the land.

He and his wife Marie seem to have moved from Kamouraska sometime between the 1833 census of Madawaska, in which they do not appear, and 1840, when they appear on the US census of Madawaska living in the area that was to become Frenchville. They are in the 1840 US census of Madawaska (p.99, line 21), with one boy under the age of 5, one girl under 5, 2 girls between 5 and 10, and one girl 10-15. Based on their children's places of birth as recorded in the 1850 US census (where they show up in "Madawaska Plantation" p.157b, line 28), they seem to have moved to that area sometime around 1835. Members of the family are still living in Frenchville at the time of the 1870 census.

This page links to the ancestors and descendants of François-Marie Gagnon and his wife Marie Duval. The information on them is minimal, almost all of it coming from the Dictionnaire Généalogique de Madawaska. If you'd like to add more information or links to this Gagnon family, please let me know!


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