Baptisms of Ste Luce church, Aroostook Co., Maine


Baptisms at Ste Luce

As explained on the Ste Luce Parish register main page, this is one of three databases of information from the parish register abstracted on the Upper St.John Valley website. This particular database contains information on all baptisms performed at Ste Luce church during the time of Father Henri Dionne, January 1843 to January 1860. In that period, 2,520 baptisms were recorded at Ste Luce parish.

Canon law of the Roman Catholic church requires that priests keep a record of each baptism. The following information is supposed to be recorded by the officiating priest: "the names of the baptised, the minister, the parents, the sponsors and, if there were such, the witnesses, and the place and date of baptism. He must also enter the date and place of birth." Most of the baptismal records recorded by Father Dionne include all of this information, as well as the occupation of the father of the baptized.

Information included in the baptism records

Each baptism was numbered consecutively, beginning each year with B1. In the margin of the register is the name of the baptized. The text of the records is formulaic. Here is a typical baptismal record:

Le douze Janvier, milhuit cent quarante quatre, nous prêtre soussigné, avons baptisé Régis, né aujourd'hui du légitime mariage d'Amable Dubois cultivateur et de Lucie Beaulieu de cette paroisse. Parrain Régis Martin, marraine Esther Trudel, qui n'ont su signer. H. Dionne, ptre.
English translation:
The twelfth of January, one thousand eight hundred forty four, we the undersigned priest, baptized Régis, born today of the legitimate marriage of Amable Dubois, farmer, and of Lucie Beaulieu, of this parish. Godfather Régis Martin, godmother Esther Trudel, who did not know how to sign their names. H. Dionne, priest

We see in this record a number of pieces of information:

Using the database

Searching the Baptisms Database

In order to access the baptism data, use either the simple search form or the advanced search form.

Simple Search:

You can use the simple search form to search by last name of the person baptized and of his/her father and mother; you can search with either the names or with the soundex codes (More information on soundex).

In the simple search you can specify which terms must be in all records, terms that cannot be in records, etc. using the common operators: +  -  *  "" (more information about boolean search mode) Please be sure to read the note below about the spelling of names in the Ste.Luce register.

Clicking on the "Search" button will produce a table of names, ordered alphabetically by name of baptized person, that fit your search criteria. At the end of each row is a link, "Details." Clicking on that link will bring you to a page with all information for that particular record.

Advanced Search:

The Advanced Search Form allows you to search by the following fields:

You must enter a value into one of the fields for the form to work; if you do not you will get an alert. (Note: The form does not seem to work with Netscape 6; please use another browser).

You can use either of the "search" buttons on the form, they are the same.

Advanced Search results

Clicking on the "search" button brings you to the advanced search results page. Here you will see all of the records that fit your search criteria. The results are listed in the order in which they appear in the register.

The data is organized in rows and columns. The column heads are all self explanatory; for information on each of them see the above section on "information included in baptismal records". At the top is a key that translates the date of birth terms used in the records, as well as terms used in the relationship of parents.

Please note that the search results page does not include all of the information from the record. To access that you must click the link "details" at the end of each record.

"Details" page

Clicking on "details" brings you to a new page that will give you all of the information from that record, including father's occupation, relationship of parents, priest who officiated, any additional information included in the record (in the Parish Register Notes field) and the soundex codes of the baptized person and his or her mother.

In the field labeled "Comments (not from register)" I have included additional information about the person that is not from the parish register, for example the correct spelling of last names, as well as links to those people (or their parents) for whom I have set up web pages, most of whom are directly related to me.

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