Francis Mishauld = François Mazerolle


In the 1850 Aroostook Co, Maine cenus, page 132a (Van Buren Plantation) I
believe the person listed as Francis Mishauld (line 1) is my great grandfather
François Mazerolle (b. 12/25/1805); Marguerite (Doucet b. 1815) is his
second wife and my great grandmother whom he married in 1849.

The records that I have show that François b. 12/25/1805 and his first
wife (Angela Parent) m. 3/3/1829, had seven children.

1. Frederick b. 12/23/1829
2. David b. 9/14/1831
3. Christine b. 11/4/1833
4. Damase b. 8/17/1836
5. Joseph b. 2/11/1839
6. Marie Anne b. 7/23/1841
7. Fabian b. 4/27/1844

Compare this to the first family listed in Van Buren (p.132a) in the 1850 Aroostook Co., Maine census:

Francis Mishauld 57
Margarett 50
and children:

1. Fredrick 21 (b. abt 1829),
2. David 19 (b.abt 1831)
3.(Christine may have been married by this time, she'd be 17)
4. Demois 16 (b. abt 1834),
5. Joseph 11 (b. abt 1839)
6. Mary Ann 10 (b. abt 1840)
7. Fabia 7 (b. abt 1843)

The matchup fits too neatly to be a coincidence. In your French names you
do not list any Mazerolles and that fact is most understandable as I know of
at least seven spellings.

Note from CG: It does seem very likely that this is the same family; the combination of names and ages of the children are strikingly on target. While the ages of the adults are off, this is very common in this census.
If anyone has further information on this family, please contact and . Thanks.

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