Barnabé GAIGNON and Françoise CRESTE

24032. Barnabé GAIGNON died before 28 Oct 1581.(4890) He bought a farm on 28 Dec 1565 in a place that came to be called La Gagnonnière in the forest of Perche, between Tourouvre and Ventrouze, from Gervais Roger and Marion Aubert. He also owned an inn (auberge) at the same place. He was married to Françoise CRESTE before 1565.

24033. Françoise CRESTE died before 28 Oct 1581.(4891) Children were:

child4096 i. Pierre GAIGNON.
child ii. Olivier GAIGNON died on 16 Dec 1630.
child iii. Jean GAIGNON.

For some more recent photographs of La Gagnonnière, go to Visite au Perche, a web site that has some photographs of the Gagnonnière, the original home in France of the three Gagnon brothers who came to Quebec in 1630s, as well as of their church in nearby La Ventrouze in the province of Perche.

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