Settlements on the Upper St.John River in 1839/40:

from the Madawaska River westward to the Allagash River

A map of the valley from the Madawaska River westwards to past the St.Francis, entitled: "A Sketch of part of the River St.John West of the Madawasca River," with explanatory note: "N.B. the Houses of the Inhabitants of the Madawasca Settlements, on both Banks of the St.John, are accurately put down from Observation. Vide Report Page 49." (For full source information see below.)

Reproduced below is a map drawn up in late 1839 that shows the location of houses of settlers, as well as the names of the inhabitants of some of the houses. The map covers the Upper St.John Valley, both north and south banks, from the Madawaska River westward to past the Allagash River.

The map portrays 77 houses on the north bank of the river between the Madawaska River and the St. Francis, and 73 houses on the south bank. Included are the "Roman Catholic Chapel" or Ste-Luce, in what is now Frenchville, and the "Block House" at what is now Fort Kent, as well as names for certain of the houses, as well as the location of other rivers and streams.

Specific individuals are mentioned only for a few of the houses. Below I have given information for individuals listed on the map whom I have found (or who seem to match people) in the 1840 US Census of the Madawaska Settlement. If you have any ideas about these people, please let me know!

On the north bank of the river, going from the mouth of the St.Francis eastward:


On the South Bank of the river, starting opposite the mouth of the Little Black River

(Please Note: In the 1840 US Census, the South Bank of the St.John west of the Fish River was included in the returns for "Madawaska North of the St.John")

map of settlements along the Upper St.John from the Madawaska River to past the St. Francis; 1840 map
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I found this map as part of a series of documents related to the boundary dispute between the United States and Great Britain (Specifically, it is contained as an appendix in North American Boundary. Part II. Correspondence Relating to the Boundary Between the British Possessions in North America and the United States of America, under the Treaty of 1783. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, July, 1840. (London: T.R. Harrison).)

The map here portrayed is on a larger sheet with five other maps, each of which is illustrative of points in the text of the "Report of the British Commissioners appointed to Survey the Territory in dispute, between Great Britain and the United States of America, on the North-Eastern Boundary of the United States; with an Appendix." This map, number 6, is referred to on page 50 of Part II. of the Report, in a footnote to a brief explanation of the fief of Madawaska. The map itself is described, on the first page of the report (p.7) as "extracts from other maps."

The report was compiled by the British Commissioners, Rich.Z. Mudge and G.W. Featherstonhaugh.

The text of the footnote describes the Madawaska settlements, and refers to the "Map B, No.6, where the houses of the settlers are laid down, from observation, on their respective localities."

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