Land Grants: January 1787

On January 12, 1787, the British Government in New Brunswick registered 17 lots of land granted to 17 persons "on the St.John River, near Madawaska," as grant number 80. Though described as "grants," they were in fact licenses of occupation; that is, the people receiving these grants were not given ownership of the land, but only the right to live on the land. In addition, they were not necessarily living in the valley at the time of the grant.

Below is the list of grantees. These grantees seem all to be descendants of Acadians who had been expelled by the British in 1755.

The information presented here is from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick's Searchable On-line Land Grants Database. Unlike the other grants, it does not include information other than the names of the grantees. If you have access to the Grant Book and would be willing to send me more details of these grants, I'd appreciate it.

Lewis            Mercure
Michael          Mercure
Oliver           Sire
Paul             Sire
Piere            Sire
Louison          Sanfacon
Baptiste         Tibbido
Anthony          Sire
Alexander        Alicote
Fereman          Sire
Francis          Sire
James            Sire
Joseph, junior   Daigle
Baptiste         Furneaux
Joseph, senior   Daigle
Paul             Potie
Piere            Duperee

These Grants can be found in the Provincial Grantbook, Volume A, page 51, Grant number 80. This information is available in the on-line searchable database of land grants maintained by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick at

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