Additional information from the Deane and Kavanagh survey of Madawaska settlement

Statement by Phirmain Thibedeau on the claimants at Grand Isle

Name of owner or occupant Date bought or settled Amount of land Previous owners and dates of settlement or purchase in chronological order (most recent to earliest) Remarks
Paul Cyr   50 rods of the West end - Phirmain Thibedeau
- Charles Fournier
Gregoire Thibedeau   8 rods wide    
Phirmain Thibedeau   8 rods wide - Toussaint Thibedeau barn
Frederic Terrieau   8 rods wide    
Julien Thibedeau   8 rods wide    
Paul Thibedeau   8 rods wide    
Henri Souci   8 rods wide - Edouard LeBlond  
Pierre Cormier   8 rods wide    
George Thibedeau   8 rods wide - Michel Duplessis  
Henri Souci   8 rods wide - Augustin Violette is building a barn
Edouard LeBlond   8 rods wide   an old barn
Sam. Romain Dendre   16 rods wide - François Cormier  
Benjamin Gregoire   8 rods wide    
Paul Cyr   8 rods wide - heirs of Alexis Cormier  
Antoine Gotté Bellefleure   8 rods wide - Charles Beaulier  
Phirmain Thibedeau   12 rods   at the easterly end of the island

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