List of occupations in 1872 census, with English translation


In the column named "occupation," the census taker included a few different kinds of information, all in French.

The first was the name of the occupation of the person.

A second type was information on where the person was working, for example "in Pennsylvania" or "in Old Town".

A third type is a generic "Engagé", which means working, almost always meaning outside of their parents' homes, sometimes in another household in the parish, sometimes outside of the parish.

There is a also category called "Protégé," which seems to mean that the person is working for the head of household in exchange for room and board.

Finally, for some individuals, all widows, there is information on how they are supporting themselves.

By far the largest occupation, 268 out of 402 persons for whom an occupation is listed, was "cultivateur," or farmer.


à Pensylvanie : in Pennsylvania

aux E.U. : In the United States

à Old Town : In Old Town, Maine


Existence soutenue par la public et ses enfants : Existence supported by the public and by her children

soutenu par ses enfants : supported by her children

Vivant au depens de les enfants : supported by her children

Vivant de la bienfaisance publique : living on public charity


à rente = rentier : on pension

Bedeau : Church warden

Commerçant : merchant

Contracteur : contractor

Docteur : doctor

Eng. = Engagé(e) : employed

engagé ailleurs : employed elsewhere

engagé chez : employed at the home of

Forgeron : Blacksmith

Entrepreneur : businessman

Garçon : literally "boy," but often meaning unmarried male

Hotelliere : innkeeper

Gentilhomme : Gentleman

Instituteur / Institutrice : Schoolteacher (male/female)

Journalier : Day laborer

Menagère : Manager

Mtre. ouvrier : Master worker

Old Town : Working in Old Town, Maine

Pretre Curé : Priest, pastor

Protégé : working in household or for head of household for room and board

Rentier / Rentiere : Pensioner

Servant : Servant

Vieux garçon : "old boy," meaning bachelor, unmarried adult male

Voyageur : traveller

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