Aroostook County, Maine townships, cities and villages in the 1850 US Census: what they're called today

This is a list of the townships listed in the 1850 US Census of Aroostook County, with the current names of those townships. If you can help me out with information on the current names of any of the other places, or if you have any more specific information or corrections, please Thanks.

Please note that there is not an exact correspondence between the borders of the townships and the areas that the census taker canvassed under the heading of a specific township. Some people who lived in one township show up in another, neighboring one in the census.

For a list of current townships with the 1850 names, click here

Amity: Amity

Bancroft Plantation: Bancroft

Belfast Academy Grant: Ludlow

Benedicta Plantation: Benedicta

Bridgewater Academy Grant: Part of Bridgewater

Crystal Plantation: Crystal

Dayton Plantation: Hersey

Deerfield Academy Grant: Westfield

Eaton Grant: Southeastern part of Caribou

Framingham Academy Grant: Part of Littleton

Golden Ridge Plantation: Sherman

Hancock Plantation: Includes what is today Fort Kent, St.John Plantation, Wallagrass, New Canada, part of St.Francis. Eagle Lake: Based on the families in Eagle Lake (T.16, R.7) in the 1860 census, I believe that the returns for Eagle Lake are not included in the 1850 census; if there are any families who were living in T.16, R.7 and are included, they would be in part of Hancock Plantation. I have not yet identified any such families however, and believe that the census taker may have skipped T.16, R.7 in 1850.

Haynesville Plantation: Haynesville

Hodgdon: Hodgdon

Houlton: part of Houlton

Letter A, Range 2: Township A, Range 2

Letter B, Range 1: Blaine

Letter B, Range 2: Hammond

Letter D, Range 1: Southern half of Fort Fairfield

Letter E, Range 1: Limestone

Letter F Township: Caswell

Letter G, Range 2: Northern half of Presque Isle

Letter H, Range 2: Southwestern part of Caribou

Linneus: Linneus

Madawaska Plantation: Includes what is today Frenchville, Madawaska, St. Agatha (probably also T.17, R.5 and T.17, R.4 and part of T18, R.6, which is today part of Fort Kent)

Mars Hill: Mars Hill

Masardis: Masardis

Molunkus Plantation: Molunkus

Monticello: Monticello

New Limerick: New Limerick

Number 3, Range 2: Forkstown

Number 5, Range 3: Oakfield

Number 6, Range 4: Merrill

Number 6, Range 5: Moro Plantation

Number 7, Range 5: Township 7, Range 5

Number 8, Range 5: Township 8, Range 5

Number 9, Range 5: Township 9, Range 5

Number 9, Range 6: Oxbow Plantation

Number 11 Township: (Township 11, Range 1): Cary Plantation

Number 11, Range 5: Ashland and part of Castle Hill

Number 12, Range 3: Mapleton and part of Castle Hill

Number 12, Range 5: Ashland and part of Castle Hill

Number 17, Range 9: Includes what is today Allagash Plantation and St. Francis

Orient Plantation: Orient

Plymouth Grant: Northern half of Fort Fairfield

Portage Lake Plantation: Portage Lake; also seems to include families living in T.15, R.6 and 7, today's Winterville Plantation

Portland Academy Grant: Part of Bridgewater

Reed Plantation: Reed Plantation

Salmon Brook Plantation: Washburn and Wade

Smyrna: Smyrna

Van Buren Plantation: Includes what is today Grand Isle, Van Buren, Hamlin, Cyr Plantation

Weston: Weston

Williams College Grant: The southern half of Littleton. and the northern half of Houlton

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