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Upper St.John River Valley
Aroostook River Valley

Please note: The 1844 Report of the Joint Commissioners was not a census, but a record of claims to land ownership. The same person could claim several tracts of land, in which case he or she is listed several times in the survey as well as in this index. Also, if a person did not make claims to land under the provisions of the 1842 treaty, that person will not appear in the Report even if they are living in the area.

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(Because of how the report is organized, information for each township is located in a number of different places. Below are links to all of the sections dealing with each township)

The Upper St.John River Valley | The Aroostook River Valley

Upper St.John River Valley (moving eastward from West of the 7th range of Townships)

West of the 7th Range | Twp.18, R.7 | Twp.18, R.6 | Twp.18, R.5 | Twp.18, R.4 | Twp.18, R.3 | Twp.M, R.2 | Twp.L, R.2 | Twp.G, R.1 | Twp.F, R.1

Aroostook River Valley

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