Name Index to the 1840 New Brunswick Census
of the Madawaska Settlement

undertaken by J.A. MacLauchlan, Warden of the Disputed Territory

Settlements along the St.John River from the Grand Falls to the Saint Francis River

This index is in the format LastName, FirstName. Spellings are exactly as written in the census.

Clicking on a name brings you to the top of the page on which that name appears.

Here are the spellings of some common names as they appear in this census:

Beaulieu = Boullieu
Caron = Coran
Chassé = Chassez
Cyr = Cere, Crock
Dagle = Deagle
Desjardins = Degerdon
Dubé = DeBay
Gagon = Gagnon
Guerette = Gerrette

Lebel = Bell
Nadeau = Neddo
Pelletier = Piltier
Ringuette = Rankette
Roy = King
Saucier = Soucier
Thériault = Terrio
Thibideau = Tibido

Albert, Alexander
Albert, Alsom
Albert, Bellon
Albert, Casamere
Albert, Fiermond
Albert, Joseph
Albert, Leon
Albert, Louis
Albert, Marcelle
Albert, Vincent
Ayotte, Batiste
Ayotte, Joseph
Bachard, Charles
Baker, John
Bartlet, Nathaniel
Bejeau, Louis
Bell, Vincent
Bell, Vincent, Junr
Bellefleur, Antoine
Bellefleur, Leon
Bellefleur, Leon
Bellefleur, Louis
Bellefleur, Louis, Senr
Bellesille, Alexander
Belongé, Soloman
Bernache, Charles
Blanchette, Alexander
Bonten, Batiste
Bopres, Maxamen
Bouché, Benjamin
Boullé, Edward
Boullé, Jacques
Boullé, Matthew
Boullieu, Augen
Boullieu, Batiste
Boullieu, Charles
Boullieu, Marcelle
Boullieu, Nazare
Bourgoine, Bartholomew
Bourgoine, Benjamin
Bourgoine, John
Bourgour, Oliver
Boutot, Ephram
Canada, Thomas
Cere, Auban
Cere, Augustus
Cere, Bellone
Cere, Christolf
Cere, Christopher
Cere, Christopher, 2nd
Cere, David
Cere, Dedem
Cere, Elois
Cere, Fabien
Cere, Fiermond
Cere, Frederick
Cere, Germain
Cere, Germain
Cere, Henry
Cere, Henry
Cere, John
Cere, John
Cere, John Batiste
Cere, Joseph
Cere, Joseph
Cere, Joseph P
Cere, Joseph, 3rd
Cere, Laron
Cere, Michael
Cere, Pascal
Cere, Pascal, Jun.
Cere, Paul
Cere, Peter
Cere, Registe
Cere, Solomon
Cere, Theodore
Cere, Urban
Cere, Vital
Cere, Xavier
Chassé, Germain
Chassez, Henry
Chassez, Joseph
Chassez, Oliver
Cleary, Cornelious
Clevette, Francis
Collaquet, John
Collent, Francis
Commia, Francis
Commia, Gregware
Commier, Fiermond
Consinniar, Louis
Coombs, Leonard R.
Coran, Hubert
Corban, Fabien
Corben, Amaible
Cormier, Cyprian
Cormier, Damien
Cormier, Fabien
Corneau, Alexander
Coté, Francis
Crock, Alexander
Crock, Francis
Crock, Lariah
Cyr, see Crock, Cere
Daigle, see Deagle
Deagle, Augustus
Deagle, Dominick
Deagle, Francis
Deagle, Germain
Deagle, John Batiste
Deagle, Joseph
Deagle, Larion
Deagle, Registe
Deagle, Sylvin
DeBay, Abraham
DeBay, Abraham
DeBay, Augustus
DeBay, John
DeChene, Fiermond
DeChene, Francis
DeChene, Rame
DeFour, Abraham
DeFour, David
DeFour, Semo
Degerdon, Raphael
Degerdon, Raphael
Dominick, Joseph
Dominick, Joseph
Dubé, see DeBay
Ducette, Fiermond
Ducette, Francis
Ducette, Romain
Duplice, Batiste
Duplice, Edward
Duplice, Fiermond
Duplice, Michael

Dupos, Francis
Emery, Miles
Farrel, Michael
Foley, James
Francour, Alsom
Gagnon see Gagon
Gagon, Antoine
Gagon, Eiley
Gagon, Jerome
Gagon, Michael
Gagon, Pierre
Gagon, Stephen
Gagon, Stephen
Gembard, Bosille
Gerrette, Batiste
Gerrette, George
Gerrette, John
Gerrette, John, Junr
Goudin, Francis
Goudin, Joseph
Goudrow, Newell
Govin, Batiste
Grace, Siprion
Grigware, Anselme
Grigware, Romain
Guérette, see Gerrette
Guimond, Germain
Hammond, Andrew
Hannawell, Barnabus
Hartford, John
Hartford, Randall
Harvey, Francis
Hebert, Joseph
Hebert, Registe
Hebert, Simon, 3rd
Hebert, Simon, Senr
Hebert, Simonette
Hudo, Antoine
Jaundron, Eugen
Jaundron, Francis
Johnston, William
Kearney, Samuel
Keaton, John
Keegan, James
Kennedy, see Canada
King, Alexander
King, Batiste
Labba, Francis
Laclare, Edward
Lacombe, Peter
Lambois, Joseph
Lambois, Marcelle
Landri, Hillier
Langley, Joseph
Langley, Joseph, Junr
Lebel, see Bell
LeBlanc, David
Legassé, Elois
Legassé, Jerry
Legassé, John
Legassé, Joseph
Legassé, Joseph
Legassé, Peter
LePlant, Michael
LePoint, Louis
Levecque, Peter
Lizotte, Anthony
Lizotte, Bonaventure
Lizotte, Peter
Long, George
Long, Romain
Maddore, Antoine
Maddore, Augustus
Maley, James
Marcure, Henry
Marcure, Louis
Marcure, Michael
Marque, Christopher
Marque, Paul
Marquois, Joseph
Martin, Andrew
Martin, Batiste
Martin, Batiste
Martin, Bellone
Martin, Bosille
Martin, Christopher
Martin, Francis
Martin, Frederick
Martin, John
Martin, Joseph, Senr
Martin, Michael
Martin, Patrick
Martin, Paul
Martin, Raphael
Martin, Simon
Martin, Surveyor
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Vital
Martin, Xavia
Martin, Xlar
Mazerolle, Frederick
McCrae, William
McGloran, James
McPherson, Charles
Micheaud, Andrew
Micheaud, Bennois
Micheaud, Daniel
Micheaud, Francis
Micheaud, Francis
Micheaud, John
Micheaud, Joseph
Micheaud, Joseph
Micheaud, Laron
Micheaud, Pascal
Micheaud, Raphael
Micheaud, Romain
Micheaud, Sifrois
Millay, Edward
Moran, Micheal
Morrow, Dedime
Morrow, Gabriel
Morrow, Joseph
Morrow, Louis
Muzerolle, Francis
Nadeau, see Neddo
Neddo, Alexander
Neddo, Bellone
Neddo, David
Neddo, Dezere
Neddo, Fiermond
Neddo, John
Neddo, Joseph
Neddo, Louis
Neddo, Sefrois
Neddo, Simon
Nugent, Thomas
Oakes, Alexander

Ouillette, Alexander
Ouillette, Alexander
Ouillette, Alexander, Junr
Ouillette, Andrew
Ouillette, Andrew, Junr
Ouillette, Anthony
Ouillette, Batiste
Ouillette, Belloni
Ouillette, Charles
Ouillette, Ferdinand
Ouillete, John
Ouillette, Joseph
Ouillette, Joseph
Ouillete, Peter
Ouillette, Peter
Parady, Batiste
Parent, Francis
Parent, Gabriel
Parent, John
Parent, John
Parent, John M.
Parent, Stephen
Parro, X'ier
Pattro, Cerille
Pelletier, see Peltier, Piltier
Peltier, Dezere
Pichard, Francis, Snr.
Pickard, Francis
Picord, John
Picord, Paul
Pilgrim, Francis
Piltier, Alexander
Piltier, Batiste
Piltier, Bellon
Piltier, Edward
Piltier, Ellois
Piltier, Joseph
Plourde, see Pluard
Pluard, Joseph
Pluard, Pierre
Power, Patrick
Powers, Thomas
Rankette, Louis
Remo, John
Rice, Francis
Robitaille, John
Rois, Herod
Rois, Joseph
Roy, see Rois, King
Savage, Daniel
Sirois, Alexander
Sirois, Antoine
Sirois, Batiste
Sirois, Batiste
Sirois, Francis
Sirois, Francis
Sirois, Morris
Sirois, Oliver
Sirois, Peter
Smith, Dennis
Smith, James
Sonfasson, Zeté
Soucier, Batiste
Soucier, Celestine
Soucier, Clement
Soucier, Clement
Soucier, Clement, Junr
Soucier, Germain
Soucier, Germain
Soucier, Simon
Soucis, Batiste
Soucis, Henry
Soucis, Joseph
Soucis, Louis
St.Germain, Joseph
Tardie, Henry
Tardie, Larry
Terrio, Bellone
Terrio, Belloni
Terrio, Elois
Terrio, Frederick
Terrio, Hubert
Terrio, Joseph
Terrio, Loron
Terrio, Loron
Terrio, Rami
Terrio, Registe
Thériault, see Terrio
Thibodeau, see Tibido
Tibido, Batiste O.
Tibido, Benjamin
Tibido, Fiermond
Tibido, Fiermond, Junr
Tibido, Francis
Tibido, Francis, Senr.
Tibido, Frederick
Tibido, George
Tibido, Gregware
Tibido, Joseph
Tibido, Julien
Tibido, Loron
Tibido, Louis
Tibido, Michael
Tibido, Michael, Junr.
Tibido, Oliver
Tibido, Paul
Tibido, Vital
Tighe, Michael
Vasseur, Batiste
Vasseur, Batiste
Vasseur, Henry
Viancoeur, Pierre
Viancour, Frederick
Viancour, Ignus
Violette, Alexander
Violette, Augustus
Violette, Augustus
Violette, Batiste
Violette, Celestine
Violette, Desere
Violette, Desire
Violette, Dominick
Violette, Francis
Violette, Isaac
Violette, Larion
Violette, Laron
Violette, Registe
Violette, Registe
Violette, Rosamond
Violette, Theodore
Violette, Xavier
Viollette, X'ier
Webster, Augustus
Wheelock, Jesse
Wiles, Joseph
Yarrington, Isaac

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