Name Index of the 1833 New Brunswick Census
Madawaska Settlement

including settlements on the south bank of the Upper St.John River
in Penobscot (now Aroostook) County, Maine

This index is in the format LastName, Firstname. Spellings are exactly as written in the census.

For information on misspelled French names go to French names in the 1833 NB Census of Madawaska.

Albert, Alexr.
Albert, Anselme
Albert, Beloni
Albert, Firmond
Albert, Joseph
Albert, Joseph

Albert, Leou
Albert, Louis
Albert, Vincent
Albert, Widow Joseph
Amoroux, Peter C.
Ayotte, Alexr.
Ayotte, Charles
Ayotte, Jn. B.
Ayotte, Joseph, Snr.
Ayotte, Joseph
Ayotte, Larion
Ayotte, Zacaree
Babin, Edward
Baker, John
Bartlette, Benjamin
Beaulieu, see also Boileau, Bollieu, Boulieu
Beallieu, Francis
Beauleau, Thomas
Beaulieu, Simon
Beckwith, Charles L.
Belanger, Augustus
Belfleur, Anthony
Belfluer, Louis
Bellefleur, Leon
Bellefleur, Louis
Belselle, Alexr.
Bessue, Louis
Blanchet, Alexr.
Boileau, Augen
Boileau, Edward
Boileau, Simon
Bollieu, Babtist
Bouchard, Charles
Boucher, Benjamin
Boulieu, James
Boullieu, Charles
Boullieu, Joseph
Boullieu, Marcelle
Burgoin, Benjamin
Burgoin, John
Burgoin, Moses
Burgoine, Bathelemi
C***, Anthony
Caron, Hubert
Caron, Joseph
Chambalaine, Abraham
Chappee, Abraham
Chasser, Germain
Chasser, Henry
Chasser, Oliver
Christopher, Ralph
Christopher, Samuel
Cir, Augustus
Cir, Ellier
Cir, Firmonde
Cir, Henry
Cir, Henry
Cir, Jeremiah
Cir, Joseph
Cir, Joseph
Cir, Pascal
Cir, Registe
Cir, Registe
Cir, Urban
Cirois, Anthony
Cirois, Babtist
Cirois, Babtist
Cirois, Francis
Cirois, Moreess
Cirois, Oliver
Cirois, Peter
Clarette, Francis
Clarette, Jonas
Clarette, Thomas
Clements, Ezekiel W.
Cleveland, Jonathan
Cloukear, Francis
Collagate, John
Collins, John
Como, Oliver
Coombs, Leonard R.
Cormier, Domion
Cormier, Francis
Cormier, Peter
Cormier, Sapriean
Cormier, Widow Charlotte
Corneau, Alexander
Couture, Abraham
Crock, Alexander
Crock, Belloni
Crock, Christian
Crock, Christopher
Crock, Christopher
Crock, David
Crock, Dedane
Crock, Elier
Crock, Femenin
Crock, Francis
Crock, Frederick
Crock, Jeremiah
Crock, John
Crock, John Babtist
Crock, Joseph
Crock, Lawrence
Crock, Paul
Crock, Peter
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Widow
Crock, William
Crock, Xavier
Cyr, see Cir, Crock
Daigle, see also Deagle
Daigle, Regis
Deagle, Augustus
Deagle, Fiermond
Deagle, Francis
Deagle, Jeremiah
Deagle, Jn. Babtist
Deagle, Joseph
Deagle, Larion
Deagle, Larion
Deagle, Selvier
DeBay, Abraham
DeBay, Abraham
DeBay, Augustus
DeBay, Jeremiah
DeBay, John
DeBay, Joseph
Deschênes, see Dechene, Duchine
DeChene, Augustus
Dechene, Fiermond
Dechene, Francis
DeFour, David
DeFour, Joseph
DePoint, Louis
DeRoe, Joseph
Devous, Anthony
Devous, Firmond
Devous, German
Ducette, Firmond
Dubé, see DeBay
Duchine, Ramie
Dufour, Abraham
Dumond, Firmond
Duplice, Michael
Dupont, Widow Louis
Durepos, Francis
Elwood, Thomas
Emerson, John
Farrel, Michael
Fields, George
Fourgner, Widow Mageritte
Fourgnier, Babtist, Jr.
Fourgnier, James
Fourgnier, Joseph
Fourgrier, Bosile
Francuer, Samuel
Gagion, Peter
Gagion, Stephen
Gagion, Stephen, Jun.
Gagione, Basile
Gagione, Prosper
Gagnion, Jerome
Gagnion, Michael
Gagnon, see Gagion, Gagione, Gagnion
Gauvin, see Govin
Gimond, Prudent
Goodrie, Romain
Goodrie, Samuel
Goslin, Francis
Goudin, Francis
Goudin, Joseph
Govin, Aurustable
Govin, Babtist
Grace, Sapier
Grantham, George
Guédry, see Goodrie
Guérette, see Gurette, Dumond
Guimond, see Gimond
Gurette, John
Hannawell, Barnabas
Harford, John
Hebert, Joseph
Hebert, Simon
Hebert, Simonette
Hebert, Simonette, Junr.
Joilliette, Anthony
Kearny, Samuel
Keegin, James
Kendall, Absalom
Kenedy, Thomas
King, Alexr.
King, John
Laclare, Edward
Lacombe, Peter
Lagacé, see Lagasse, Legassa, Legasse
Lagasse, Raphael
Landrie, Eliene
Landrie, Peter
Lavasseur, Henry
Lavassseur, Jn.B.
Lavois, John R.
Lavosseur, John B.
Le Belle, Vincent
LeBlance, David
Leclerc, see Laclare
Legassa, Anthony
Legasse, Ellois
Legasse, Germaine
Legasse, John
Legasse, Joseph
Legasse, Oliver
Lizotte, Anthony
Lizotte, Bonaventure
Lizotte, Francis
Lizotte, John B.
Lizotte, Peter
Lizotte, Peter, Junr.
Lizotte, Stanosclas
Long, George
Long, Romain
Marcure, Michael
Marcure, Peter
Marquis, Christopher
Marquis, Jeremiah
Marquis, Joseph
Marquis, Joseph
Marquis, Michael
Marquis, Paul
Marquis, Peter
Martin, Andrew
Martin, Babtist
Martin, Belloni
Martin, Bocille
Martin, Christopher
Martin, Francis
Martin, Frederick
Martin, John
Martin, John B.
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Michael
Martin, Patrick
Martin, Raphael
Martin, Simon
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Vetal
Martin, Widow Simonette
Martin, Xavier
Mattocks, Amos
McCrae, William
McPherson, Charles
Mercier, Revd. F.R.
Mercure, see also Marcure
Mercure, Henry
Mercure, Louis, Junr.
Michaud, see Micheau, Micheod, Michoe, Michoed, Misheau, Mishoed
Micheau, Andrew
Micheau, Babtist
Micheau, Daniel
Micheau, Isaac
Micheau, Pascal
Micheod, Alexr.
Micheod, Germain
Micheod, Joseph
Micheod, Joseph
Micheod, Romuel
Michoe, Francis
Michoe, Raphael
Michoed, Francis
Michoed, Pascal
Misheau, Firmond
Mishoed, Lawrence
Mishoed, Romain
Moreau, Michael
Morrow, Gabriel
Morrow, Joseph
Morrow, Lewis
Murphy, James
Murray, John
Muzorole, Frederick
Muzoroll, Francis
Naddeau, Narcees
Naddie, Thomas
Neddeau, Bellone
Neddeau, David
Neddeau, Desere
Neddeau, Fabien
Neddeau, John
Neddeau, Louis
Neddeau, Sefrois
Neddeau, Widow Salister
Neddeau, Widow Marie
Neddo, Belloni
Neddo, Firmond
Neddo, Frances
Neddo, Jeremiah
Nudon, Anthony
Nugent, Thomas
O'Neal, Edward
O'Neal, John
Oakes, Alexander
Ouilette, Charles
Ouillette, Alexander
Ouillette, Alexr.
Ouillette, Alexr.
Ouillette, Bellone
Ouillette, Fierdon
Ouillette, Furmond
Ouillette, John
Ouillette, Joseph
Ouillette, Joseph
Ouillette, Peter, Jun.
Ouillette, Peter
Ouillette, Selistian
Ouillette, Zacarie
Oullette, Adolphus
Parent, Gabriel
Parent, John, 2nd
Parent, John
Parent, Stephen
Parle, James
Parle, John
Parle, Joseph
Pelreine, Francis
Peltier, Augustus
Peltier, Belloni
Peltier, Ilois
Peltier, Widow Mary
Picard, Francis
Picard, Francis
Picard, Paul
Piltier, Joseph
Powers, James
Powers, James
Powers, Patrick
Ranket, Louis
Raymond, John
Rice, Francis
Sancoaur, Joseph
Saucier, see Sorsier
Savage, Daniel
Sirois, see also Cirois
Sirois, Eugene
Sirois, Francis
Smith, William
Sonfasson, Joseph
Sonfasson, Louis
Sorsier, Clement
Sorsier, Germain
Sorsier, Jn. Batist
Soucis, Batist
Soucis, Hervey
Soucis, Joseph
Soucis, Oliver
Sousis, Celistin
Stripman, Louis
Tardif, see Tardy
Tardy, Henry
Tardy, Joseph
Tardy, Lawrence
Terrio, Belloni
Terrio, Belloni
Terrio, Frederick
Terrio, Joseph
Terrio, Lawrence
Terrio, Registe
Thibbadoe, Babtist C.
Thibbadoe, Babtist
Thibbadoe, David
Thibbadoe, George
Thibbadoe, John
Thibbadoe, Louis
Thibbadoe, Simon
Tibbado, Oliver
Tibbadoe, Joseph
Tibido, Benjamin
Tibido, Ellois
Tibido, Francis, 2nd
Tibido, Francis
Tibido, Gregory
Tibido, Julien
Tibido, Michael
Tibido, Michael
Tibido, Paul
Tibido, Salistin
Tibido, Vital
Tibido, Widow Jonsoce
Tighe, Michael
Turner, Thomas
Vasseur, Benjamin
Vaillancourt, see Viancour
Viancour, Ignus
Violette, Alexr.
Violette, Augustus, Sen'r.
Violette, Augustus
Violette, Babtist
Violette, Dominique
Violette, Francis
Violette, Isaac
Violette, James
Violette, Joseph
Violette, Larion
Violette, Registe
Violette, Rosomond
Violette, Theodore
Voisine, Raphael
Warbour, Joseph
Webster, Augustus
Wheallone, Michael
Wheelock, Jesse
Whiles, Joseph
Yerrington, Isaac
Yon, Contre
Zentinge, Gallant

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