Letter from Thomas Baillie to Wm. Black on the Sufferers in the Madawaska Settlement
January 1830

Document S38-M20.1, Legislative Assembly: Sessional Records (RS24), PANB, (Microfilm F17403)

For online image of this document: "Letter from Thomas Baillie submitting his report and accounts of expenses for relief for the distressed inhabitants of Madawaska Settlement in York County. 29 Jan. 1830"

Fredericton, 29th Jany 1830

His Honor
William Black Esquire
President Commander in Chief


I beg to report to Your Honor that in conformity to your Instructions of the 24th June last I proceeded to the Madawaska Settlement in order to ascertain the extent of suffering from famine which existed amongst the Inhabitants, for which purpose I called together the leading men and accompanied by them visited the dwellings of a number of the poorer class, where I found the most ample testimony that the reports made to Your Honor were not exaggerated, and that without immediate assistance not only great privations would be experienced but actual starvation to an alarming extent must ensue.

I therefore considered it most expedient to form a committee consisting of Messrs. Simon Hebert, Peter Lizotte, Antoine Bellefleur and Francis Rice to enquire into all the particular cases of distress, and superintend the judicious distribution of such relief as might be extended, I then proceeded to Woodstock from whence I transmitted Four Hundred Bushels of Indian Corn for the use of the Sufferers which by the accompanying report of Mr. Rice I am happy to say placed them above actual want until the new crops afforded them permanent relief.

I herewith submit to Your Honor a list of the Sufferers to whom relief was extended, and a statement of the expence attending the purchase of the corn and its transmission to Madawaska, which by the accompanying vouchers you will perceive have been liquidated by me in anticipation of provision to meet the same being made by Your Honor.

I am, Sir,

Your Honor
Most obedient
Humble Servant

[signed] Tho. Baillie

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